We've got the news from Mozart to Morricone!

January 18, 2024:

This project has been on hold for some time while Al works on his latest movie project and Dave plays with numerous groups, touring around the country. But don't give up, we expect to revive The Night Cafe as soon as possible!

March 29, 2021:

We started this project in 2008 with “Last Tango in Paris” and a bunch of Fritz Kreisler pieces. Since then, we’ve added a massive amount of material and welcomed the use of the Roland V-Accordion to expand our sonic pallet. We’ve used a rotating slate of bass players, including Doug Mapp, Fred Weiss, Domenic Fiore, and Andy Lalasis, all of whom made the music come alive.

We’re now looking to revive this beloved project, start a new online presence, and move on in the post-pandemic world. Watch this space for news of our progress, and thank you for the support!